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Polymer Clay Mold Tips

Here are some easy tips for using our hard non flexible polymer clay molds.

Always condition your clay and add baby powder to your mold before using to prevent your clay from sticking.


You may want to add additional clay to your mold so that your are able to have an overhang on the sides of the clay mold to help you in removing it from the mold, or when molding an item from our molds use a flat piece of plastic or acrylic  sheet when pushing down on your clay in our mold, and then lift gently up or from side to side etc. It depends on the type of mold you are using to mold your clay with. 

You may also put our molds in the freezer for no more the 4 minutes, to harden the clay for removal, it is best that you have that plastic sheet which will be easier for you to lift your clay out of the mold.

Please remember heat makes clay to soft to work with in polymer clay.

If you live in an area that the temp is 85-90 plus your clay will be to soft to use in our mold this is something to consider when molding items from our molds.

My method of De-molding all of my molds has always worked. I work in cooler temperatures and condition my clay and always add baby powder every time I mold an item. I clean my mold cavity with dawn soap and use a soft tooth brush to clean my mold every 5 castings.

After casting your items you can cut around it by trimming the excess clay around your piece, bake it and sand the outer edge of your clay piece and even paint or glaze it!

Keeping your molds safe so you will have many years of use, properly clean your molds and store them in a dust free box.

Have fun making items with our molds!

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